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Carriage, in front of Lionel Rawlinson, furniture dealers, 647-9 Yonge St., e.

Possibly the carriage of the Misses Clark (Jean Mortimer Clark and Elise Gordon Clark, daughters of Sir William Mortimer Clark) who were perhaps the…see more

Mother and Grandmother walking down Yonge Street in 1947

My grandmother was walking my mother down Yonge Street towards Queen street. A photographer captured this photograph.

see more

Yonge St. Arcade

Yonge St. Arcade was built in 1884 on the East side of Yonge St., opposite Temperance St., and demolished in 1954.see more

Car 43 on the Metropolitan line, 1912

This electric streetcar belonging to the Toronto and York Radial Railway is pictured on Yonge at Yonge Blvd. Incorporated in 1877, this railway was…see more

The day the sewers backed up

This is my favourite Yonge and Gerrard Story.

My father was a mechanic at Gorrie's car dealership which was where 40 Gerrard St. apts. are across…see more